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Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

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  • Description

    Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine can make W beam guardrail, thrie beam guardrail, also can be designed as two waves or three waves profiles in one machine without change roller stations. 
    We had experience of Russian, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia and Southeast Asia type Guardrail, there are total four lines:
    ① two/three wave guardrail roll forming machine, 
    ② U or C post roll forming machine,
    ③ connection punching line,
    ④end terminal punching line.
    Two/Three Wave Roll Forming Machine: We have two solutions for you.
    1. Hydraulic decoiler(Optional: Manual)-Leveling-Hydraulic Punching(Stop)-Roll forming machine-Hydraulic Cutting(Stop)-Output table
    2. Hydraulic decoiler-Leveling-Servo feeder-Hydraulic Punching&Cutting(Non-stop)-Platform/Conveyor-Roll forming machine-Output table
    We have experience of exporting our guardrail roll former to Russia, Kuwait, Mexico, etc. We also provide machine in domestic client. You could see our producing line in our factory, Welcome to visit us and we can video call. 
    We can make different solutions according to customers’ drawing and requirement, tolerance and budget, offering professional one-to-one service, adaptable for your different need. Whichever line you choose, the quality of Dingbo Technology will ensure you obtain perfectly functional profiles.


    Highway guardrails provide a visual and physical barrier between traffic and work areas. It is used for protection against accidents due to lift trucks or other mobile equipment in dock areas, aisles, around special equipment. Reduce costly damage to equipment and inventory


  • W beam Guardrail & Thrie beam Guardrail profile drawing:

    • Out table
      • Non-powered
      • Auto-stacker
    • Cutting
      • Saw cutting
      • fast flyting cutting
    • Driving
      • Chain Drive 
      • Gearbox Drive
      • Gearbox Drive With Coupling
    • Stands
      • Wall Plate 
      • Casting Iron
      • Guide Post  
    • Punching
      • Punching Press
      • Hydraulic Punching Station
      • Rotary Punch
    • Feeding
      • Leveler
      • Servo Feeder 
    • Decoiler
      • Manual Decoiler
      • Hydraulic Decoiler
      • Double Head Decoiler 


Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

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