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Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine

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    Furring Channel roll forming machine can produce furring channel which use with main channel and wall angle together. Normal material thickness is 0.4-1mm, and normal speed is 10-15m/min, also can design for 40-60m/min with flying cutting depends on your production requirement. 
    Drywall Roll Forming Machine include stud and track Roll Forming Machine, Main Channel Roll Forming Machine, Omega Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine, Wall angle Roll Forming Machine, Ceiling Roll Forming Machine,Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine etc. 
    Dingbo drywall roll forming machine will be your best choice. We can customize as per your profile drawing. 
    Working Flow
    Uncoiler --Roll-forming -- Hydraulic cutting -- Output table


    Furring channel is a main material made of light steel and used for ceilings.
    It is connected to the floor by screws and is used to fix ceilings or objects.
    It is used to decorate the exterior wall and the roof of the building, which is made of plaster board, decorative plasterboard, etc.
    It is suitable for the decoration of the roof of various buildings, the inner and outer wall of the building and the basic material of the scaffold type ceiling.
    The Furring ceiling system is a suspended steel framing system, clad with gypsum boards. Its grids are concealed behind the ceiling board. The finishing surface would be smooth and may receive direct decoration such as painting and pasing wall paper. It is mostly used in where plain ceiling is required.


    • Out table
      • Non-powered
      • Auto-stacker
    • Cutting
      • Saw cutting
      • fast flyting cutting
    • Driving
      • Chain Drive 
      • Gearbox Drive
      • Gearbox Drive With Coupling
    • Stands
      • Wall Plate 
      • Casting Iron
      • Guide Post  
    • Punching
      • Punching Press
      • Hydraulic Punching Station
      • Rotary Punch
    • Feeding
      • Leveler
      • Servo Feeder 
    • Decoiler
      • Manual Decoiler
      • Hydraulic Decoiler
      • Double Head Decoiler 


Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine

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