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Jiangyin Dingbo Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi and is famous for its high-quality steel and superb craftsmanship. Our main production equipment is roll forming machine, steel slitting and cut to length line, high frequency tube mill.


We have 11 years of production experience. Our design engineers have been working on this machine for 20 years. We can produce simple profiles and complex cold-formed profiles with precision tolerances...



Mainly involve the manufacture & production of cold bending machinery equipment,etc.
Mainly applicable for : new energy,automobile accessories making,logistics,traffic and electric appliance industries

Steel Structure

Solar System


Storage Warehousing

Cable Tray

Vineyard post

Roller shutter door

Deck Floor



06 -17

201906 Customer From India visit our factory, customers need Stud And Track Steel Truss Roll Forming Machine, specially come to our company to visit similar machines.


05 -14

201905 Customer From Oman visit our factory, customers need Door Frame Roll Forming Machine, I heard that we are doing similar machines to visit our company.


04 -20

201904 Ecuador customer inpect machine, the customer knows that the Double layer roof roll forming machine has been completed, come to our factory for inspection, and measure the roof tile made by the


03 -26

201903 Austrilia Customer visit our factory, the customer is very interested in the Drywall roll forming machine, just in our workplace is doing a similar machine. Every step that the customer looked

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